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5 Star Rating

Posted by Nancy May 26, 2017
Excellence lawyer... will fight to the end!
When I first met Frank about 3-4 yrs ago, I was kind of nervous because we didn't known him nor was he recommended either. I found him online and after a brief interview @ his office, I realized he was the one to represent my husband and I....
Hired attorney

5 Star RatingPosted by Judi August 16, 2016
Traumatic Brain Injury
I was referred to Frank by a friend and Thank God for him. I slipped on ice and had a traumatic Brain Injury. Sadly' these were not recognized with ins co. Frank, made it recognized and sent me to all the right Doctors. It is a permanent disability for me. Frank worked with me himself through the whole thing and got a great settlement. He cares!! He works hard for his clients.
Hired attorney

5 Star RatingPosted by Judi August 16, 2016
Traumatic Brain Injury
I was referred to Frank by a friend and Thank God for him. I slipped on ice and had a traumatic Brain Injury. Sadly' these were not recognized with ins co. Frank, made it recognized and sent me to all the right Doctors. It is a permanent disability for me. Frank worked with me himself through the whole thing and got a great settlement. He cares!! He works hard for his clients.
Hired attorney

5 Star RatingPosted by Tom July 1, 2015
Claim settled
My family had a claim for an accident that happened off of our property. Frank explained the law in great detail and an easy to understand way. Our claim was certainly not a sure win, but Frank was truthful and agreed to pursue the case. Frank was able to settle the case quickly, for an amount we thought was fair to be able to pay for future medical bills down the road. He was able to double the original offer from the insurance company and most importantly was in contact with us through the entire process.

I would often find myself emailing Frank in the middle of the night with questions, or answers to questions only to find his reply in my mailbox each morning. We are very pleased with his service and would certainly retain his services if ever needed again.

5 Star RatingPosted by marie May 2, 2015
Frank handled my golf course acident with immense knowledge in presenting my case and care for me. We corresponded regularly. Each and every time Frank responded immediately. He was able to enlighten me about all aspects of the case going forward. In the end, I was most satidfied with the results that Frank was able to render for me. I would MOST certainly recommend Frank in any future case I may need his services.

5 Star RatingPosted by shabida April 20, 2015
my auto accident settlement
I was very satisfied with how Mr. Smith handled my auto accident case.
He was very reponsive to any questions or concerns that I had about my case, and kept me inform while the case was ongoing.
I highly recommend any one who needs this kind of assistance to call Mr. Smith

5 Star RatingPosted by Stan April 13, 2015
Serious auto accident injury
I retained Frank Smith when my 85 year-old mother was severely injured as a passenger in an auto accident. The case was sensitive because of my mother's advanced age; her close personal friendship with the driver and her extraordinary fear of the legal process. Since many of the initial interviews took place while my mother was recovering from injuries that included a brain bleed, micro fractures and internal organ trauma, Frank visited her in the hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

From the first meeting Frank's professionalism and friendly personality put her at ease. Frank was able to alleviate her fear of involving a close personal friend in the case. He explained every detail of how he intended to pursue the case and he hired an investigator who managed to secure eye-witness testimony that attested to the fact that drive who struck the car in which my mother was riding was driving recklessly. This was very important because the vehicle in which my mother was a passenger was making a left turn across a busy intersection and the first reports indicated that my mother's friend was at fault. By establishing that the other driver was at fault Frank not only strengthened our case but the alleviated tension between my mother and her friend.

Over the course of the next two years Frank was attentive to my mother's needs and patiently walked her through every step of the process. From depositions to arbitration Frank's command of the nuances of the case were more than impressive. Frank secured the maximum settlement from the drive at fault, who was under insured to meet the award set forth by the arbiters. Frank then pursed my mother's insurance carrier for the balance of the settlement and was once again successful.

Aside from winning an award that compensated my mother for her pain, suffering and inconvenience, Frank was able to comfort a frightened senior citizen through a long and difficult ordeal. She has become Frank's biggest fan. Anytime the subject of the accident comes up, she always says that she wouldn't have made it through experience without Frank. We are all grateful for the kindness he has shown our family and excellent manner in which Frank resolved this case.

5 Star RatingPosted by anonymous April 12, 2015
Frank knows best!
I was in a non-fault car accident in 2012. Frank Smith's office was suggested to me by a family friend and im so glad he was. I have no legal background but he made sure I was aware and understood every upcoming step in my case. I felt comfortable contacting Frank's office whenever I had questions and his friendly receptionists were always abreast of the information I needed if Frank was unavailable. Although, it's been a while since the accident I have appreciated Franks commitment to seeing my case through to the end. Highly recommended!

5 Star RatingPosted by Shawn February 11, 2015
Frank handled two cases for me with the utmost professionalism, pristine knowledge, and compassionate cooperation. I can attest that he surely deals with an array of emotions due to frustration, pain, anxiety, and fear, just to name a few. I would and have referred others to him for his possible services. Keep helping others Frank, because its clearly your God given gift :)

5 Star RatingPosted by Margaret December 30, 2014
Frank Smith puts his clients needs first and foremost!
I have dealt with several attorneys and Frank is one of the best. Listens and makes recommendations in order to promote his client. My best advise is see him as soon as you are injured so he can handle the case from day 1 verses waiting to see if you need an attorney. In todays insurance market you need advise from day 1 not day 180.
Frank puts his clients needs first and foremost not like others in the personal injury field.

5 Star RatingPosted by anonymous October 4, 2014
Highly Experienced Pro
I was injured in a trip-and-fall accident requiring hospitalization. Subsequently I visited Frank seeking answers to several questions I had relating to the accident. I selected Frank after seeing his advertisement in a local newspaper. I was impressed by Frank and his answers to my questions. After he explained I had a viable case, I asked him to handle it. I found Frank very professional, easy to deal with, and most importantly, very effective. He go me a great settlement.

5 Star RatingPosted by Judith December 19, 2013
Reliable & trustworthy!
I called several attorneys when I fell and broke my arm. They all told me it was a waste of time and it would be very hard case. Now Frank told me It would be a hard case, but he would do everything in his power to help me. He did not disappoint! He acted swiftly and firmly. He took what we thought was probably nothing and turned it Into something. He handled this case even though it was small as if was one of his biggest cases. Every single time I called, emailed or texted the reply followed shortly after. He kept us informed at every turn. For me personally, I felt comfortable talking to Frank about anything. He was very down-to-earth and a regular guy yet extremely professional every step of the way.. Most of the time we spoke only with Frank but on the rare occasion we spoke with his staff we were treated with the same respect and courtesy, This experience has been All positive . I felt like talking to Frank was like talking to a friends and I knew he had my best interest at heart at every turn. We could not be happier!

5 Star RatingPosted by Danny October 11, 2013
Being new to avvo, I didn't know what to expect.Frank Smith answered my question to the point and with 100% respect and knowiedge!!!
I also had other response's with one that was fair but should have kept some of his remarks to himself...BUT NOT MR SMITH, It appeared to me that Mr Smith actually researched my the information in the body of my question before responding...I COULDN'T BE MORE PLEASED WITH
I wish I knew of him 4 years ago, And then again 11 years ago when my daughter was hit ba a suv while walking in a major snowstorm...

5 Star RatingPosted by anonymous June 20, 2009
Excellent Service
Excellent service. Very professional,helpful and easy to work with.


5 Star RatingPosted by anonymous June 18, 2009
great results, great to deal with
Frank he got me a great settlement because he really knows how to deal with insurance companies. When I called I spoke with Frank directly--no other attorney. And he made everything easy for me to understand, which I really appreciated. And a few times he had to come see my, due to my injury, and he was very accomodating. I highly recommend him.

5 Star RatingPosted by anonymous June 16, 2009
I spent my time with Frank, not with another attorney or some paralegal
I didn't know if I had a case or not, so I found Mr. Smith on and finally his website. After speaking with his staff we met in person. He is the only person I dealt with on my case, and really did explain things "in plain english". His office is comfortable and overall I couldn't have asked for a better experience. After all of the things you hear about lawyers, Frank Smith was refreshing to work with. I have and would recommend him to family and friends as well as anyone else.



Client ReviewsPosted on 7/23/18
Automobile Accidents
Professionalism, kindness and keeping me informed with all that was going on with my case, phone calls were returned promptly. I will definitely recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a good Personal Injury Lawyer. His staff is top notch. I was VERY impressed with Frank and his staff. When I needed any questions answered, I was never made to feel as though I was bothering them. That meant a lot to me. LR

Client ReviewsPosted on 4/10/19
Automobile Accidents
Frank Smith, Esq. is an attorney like no other. If we ever had a question he returned our calls immediately, within a day. He puts his clients before all else and we feel sorry (but happy) for any insurance company that must deal with him. If you ever need a lawyer that really knows his stuff, call Frank, he is the ultimate best!!

Client ReviewsPosted on 7/23/18
Personal Injury
Mr. Smith and his amazing team are true law professionals who helped my mom with her case after she was disappointed by two other lawyers. He kept us constantly updated, was honest, to-the-point, followed up in a timely manner, explained everything in layman's terms and provided excellent customer care. I was impressed and my Mom was pleased and grateful for their efforts. Thanks again 'Smith Family' for the positive and personable experience. Call Mr. Smith, you will not regret it!

Client ReviewsPosted on 6/27/18
Personal Injury
Professional with thorough knowledge of all aspects of the process. Great communicator with pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful staff.


Client ReviewsPosted on 6/3/18
Personal Injury
It was a pleasure working with Mr. Smith regarding my personal injuries and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional and knowledgeable attorney. He always followed up with me and explained information in great detail keeping my best interest in mind. He also fought hard for me. Very friendly and courteous team as well. Thank you Frank and Betty for everything.

Client ReviewsPosted on 5/29/18
Personal Injury
I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from Mr Frank Smith. He is extremely efficient and professional and handles your matter very promptly. I wouldn’t highly recommend Frank Smith to anyone without hesitation.


Client ReviewsPosted on 2/23/18
Personal Injury
My father suffered a serious fall, his case was very challenging. Frank Smith was very straight forward & honest and did not hold anything back. My father felt very comfortable with Frank’s honesty. Frank kept us informed every step of the way, took charge of everything and was able to get my father what he deserved. We are extremely satisfied with the way Frank and his staff treated my father every step of the way and would absolutely recommend his services to anyone.

Slip and FallPosted on 2/21/18

Slip and Fall

I knew Frank had my back. He is extremely professional and cares about his clients. He was concerned about me and my injuries, and worked very hard to get me the settlement I deserved. Great person and has a wonderful staff who also cares! I highly recommend Frank Smith as your Personal Injury Attorney!!!

Client ReviewsPosted on 1/12/18
Slip and Fall
If you have Mr. Smith as your attorney you will win. He will not stop fighting until he gets you every dollar. I was truly blessed to have attorney Smith. Not once was I nervous or even concern about any decision. I didn't even need him to ask me for permission to make decision I trusted him 100%. His complete staff Mrs. Betty,Joyce and others are beyound professional. They're great returning calls. My children love coming to see him. He's so caring & made my kids & husband feel comfortable.

Client ReviewPosted on 10/21/17
Automobile Accidents
I was involved in a automobile accident in 2013 after researching for an attorney I couldn't come up with 1 that was more better then the 1 I was recommended to, Frank M Smith...... He was always prompt and well knowledge of everything concerning my case, my case was settled and I was happy with my settlement amount for my injuries to my lower back, Frank M Smith if I can say so myself he is absolutely THE BEST I'll recommend him to you and any other person, He his differently trust worthy ! 

Automobile Accidents Posted on 06/23/12
Personal Injury
I was introduced to Mr. smith as a referral from my daughter. I was looking for a lawyer for a personal injury case. My younger daughter was attacked by an unleashed dog two years ago, and we needed a lawyer.
Mr. Smith returned my inquiry call and made an appointment to come to our home to meet our family. How amazing was that!. i had never met a lawyer who actually made house calls. He is a very fair and compassionate person who will go the extra mile for his clients. Highly recommended.

Automobile Accidents Posted on 11/17/08
I would highly recommend Mr. Smith to anyone who needs a lawyer that they can trust and rely on. His staff was equally very nice. 


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Client ReviewsPosted by Sandra Coleman on 2/2018
If you have Mr. Smith as your attorney you will win. He will not stop fighting until he gets you every dollar. I was truly blessed to have attorney Smith. Not once was I nervous or even concern about any decision. I didn't even need him to ask me for permission to make decision I trusted him 100% His complete staff Mrs. Betty,Joyce and others are beyound professional. There great returning calls. My children love coming to see Him. He's so caring & made my kids & husband feel comfortable.

Client ReviewsPosted by Holly Marie in 2013
Attorney Smith is such a kind, personable and caring attorney. When walking into his office he made us feel so welcomed and relaxed. When my husband and I sat down with him about a motor vehicle accident, Attorney Smith sat there, listened and waited until we finished our story before asking us questions. Attorney Smith kept reaching out to my husbands doctor for medical records and would not give up until he received what he needed. All I can say is, I HIGHLY recommend if you need a good Personal Injury attorney, you CALL HIM!!

Client Reviews5 Star Rating by Sam Calello on 5/2017


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Client ReviewsPosted by Shawna Colleen Bramble-Lofaro on 10/9/17
I have and would again to anyone ... recommend this highly professional upstanding man to represent them ... the first word that comes to mind to describe him would be ... INTEGRITY !!!Thanx Frank for all you've done through the years for me ... and continue enjoying grand parenthood !!!


Client ReviewsPosted by Charles Kays on 6/16/12 
I have known this gentleman for 44 years. He is, without a doubt, the most tenacious, impassioned, and honest attorney I have ever known. He would be an invaluable asset to anyone needing legal assistance.



Client Reviews

Posted by Dan Cirelli on 6/13/12
As a satisfied former client, I can attest that Frank's representation is reasonable, fair, and straightforward. Common sense dictates his recovery strategies, and ultimately makes your case stronger. Frank also is a keen and knowledgeable negotiator who keeps the needs and the protection of his clients at the forefront.

Client ReviewsPosted byFrank Sommo on 7/19/12 
I ditto C. Kays remarks, the difference being I have known Frank for 55 years!


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