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The Wrongful Death of a Child

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Mon, Jun 06, 2016

By Francis M. Smith

At times in my practice as a personal injury attorney, parents come to me for help after the unthinkable has happened – unthinkable, because what loving parent doesn't flinch away from contemplating the loss of their child in an accident? No amount of money can ever make up for the wrongful death of a child or erase their parents' grief. However, New Jersey law acknowledges the financial burdens imposed on a family by a fatal accident, and the liability borne by the negligent parties who contributed to the child's death. New Jersey's Wrongful Death Act provides an avenue for bereaved parents to seek compensation for these burdens from those responsible for their child's death.

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What Is the Time Limit for Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in NJ?

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Fri, May 23, 2014

By Francis M. Smith

There Is A Time Limit!

During an accident, everything seems to happen at once – whether it's a car crash, a fall, or other accidental injury, things are moving so quickly that it can be hard to keep track of what's going on or know how to react. The aftermath of an accident is very similar in that regard, so many things need to happen right away, when you're already facing a great deal of stress and pressure from any accident injuries you suffered, and it can feel overwhelming. You may need to see a series of doctors and specialists, arrange to take time off from work while you recover or care for injured family members, figure out how to cope with the financial strains of medical bills and lost wages, and think about seeking legal representation for your injury claim. It's natural to look at all these tasks and try to prioritize, considering which items must be dealt with immediately and which can be set on the back burner for a while until you have more time. However, when you're making that decision, it's important to keep in mind that there is a limited amount of time that you're given in which you can file a personal injury suit before the opportunity is lost.

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Medical Errors Now the Third Leading Cause of Death

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Wed, Oct 30, 2013

By Francis M. Smith

Many people have a fear of visiting the hospital, but in most cases, this hesitation has its roots in being afraid of receiving bad medical news or the threat of painful or invasive procedures. Few patients think about the dangerous and sometimes life-threatening errors that a medical professional can make, resulting in an outcome that is quite literally worse than the disease or condition they came to have treated. However, the danger of injury and wrongful death from hospital errors is very real; recent research shows that the rate of fatal hospital errors is much higher than previously believed, and that mistakes by hospital staff constitute the third-greatest cause of death in the United States. Surprising? Read on.

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Attorney Frank Smith Settles NJ Wrongful Death Case for $2 Million

Posted by Frank Smith on Thu, Jan 17, 2013

NJ Personal Injury Attorney Frank Smith resolved a wrongful death case for family members for $2 Million. Albert's death occurred as a result of brain injury caused by a slip and fall on an icy sidewalk in front of the Newton, NJ Post Office. 

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The Legal Clean Up Post Hurricane Sandy from Motor Vehicle Accidents

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Mon, Dec 10, 2012

By Francis M. Smith
A week without electricity, cable, internet, phone, and gasoline post Hurricane Sandy was a somber experience. It was surreal and sad to see the immediate devastation of my picture-perfect town of Westfield in Union County, New Jersey: the downed trees and power lines; the dead traffic lights; the damaged homes; the depression-era-like system of gas rationing; my favorite diner closed; the mess in my yard. And when modern amenities were restored … it was evident many had it much worse than me.

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