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What is a Process Server? NJ Personal Injury Attorney Explains

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Mon, Dec 08, 2014

By Francis M. Smith

When you've sustained injuries in any sort of accident resulting from someone else's negligent or reckless actions, your attorney may find it necessary to take your case to court in order to secure the financial compensation you deserve for your injuries. In order to initiate a personal injury lawsuit against the parties liable for your injuries, anyone you are suing must be "served" with legal documents informing them of the legal action being taken against them. This presenting of papers is known as "service of process", and the person who delivers these documents is known as a process server.

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What is a Certification of Permanent Injury?

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Wed, Dec 03, 2014

By Francis M. Smith

When you have suffered injuries in a car collision, and that collision was clearly the fault of another, you would naturally think that you have the right to sue for and recover damages resulting from

  • Your pain and suffering
  • The medical treatment you have had to go through
  • The resulting limitations on your life
  • Your changed lifestyle, and
  • The future problems you will have as a result of the collision

However, it may not be that simple. In New Jersey, auto insurance policy holders are given two options when they select their policy: a No Threshold policy, or the less-expensive "Limitation on Lawsuit” option, previously known as the "Verbal Threshold" option or the "Limited Tort" option. Most New Jersey drivers (some studies say over 90%!) have the second kind of insurance, whether because they chose it due to the reduced cost, or because it was the default option. Unfortunately, this type of policy significantly restricts the circumstances under which you can pursue compensation in court. If you have chosen the "Limitation on Lawsuit" option, you must fall in one of the six injury categories list in the New Jersey statute.

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Who Pays for Car Accident Legal Fees?

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Wed, May 21, 2014

By Francis M. Smith

A car accident takes only moments to occur, but its consequences can linger for a very long time thereafter. Serious injuries may require months or years of treatment and therapy to heal, and even then sometimes full recovery is impossible. Cars and other property may need to be repaired or replaced, and the financial toll of an accident accumulates quickly. Medical bills, of course, are one of the largest costs, combined with lost wages and the other secondary expenses related to the disruption of everyday life caused by the crash. Along with all that, the normal expenses of living do not suddenly stop, even if your injuries are too severe to allow you to work. Many people are understandably hesitant to take on the additional expense of legal counsel on top of all those other costs, or are afraid that they can't afford an attorney in the first place. Fortunately, if you have been the victim of a car accident, that isn't how paying a personal injury attorney works.

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How We Came to Respect Juries in Personal Injury Cases

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Wed, Feb 19, 2014

By Francis M. Smith

A great deal of news coverage following highly publicized court cases have repeatedly seemed to highlight the flaws of relying on a jury to determine the party at fault in a range of different types of cases.

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What To Expect in a NJ Car Accident Deposition

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Wed, Jan 29, 2014

By Francis M. Smith

If you are injured in a car accident, the last thing on your mind is how and if you will be treated fairly in the New Jersey legal system. You are possibly suffering from medical injuries and loss of wages as well as damage to your car, and fair compensation is your entitlement. This is why an experienced personal injury attorney is indispensable.

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NJ Personal Injury Lawyer Cross-Examination Tips and Strategies

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Fri, Dec 27, 2013

By Francis M. Smith

Most people have a general idea of the way a trial unfolds, but when you pursue a personal injury claim after you've been in a car crash or other accident, your case will only go to trial if you cannot reach a satisfactory resolution through the settlement process.

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Trial Strategy: Laying a Foundation When Asking a Witness Questions

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Fri, Dec 20, 2013

By Francis M. Smith

When you bring your personal injury case to court, your NJ injury lawyer has two methods available to introduce information in support of your claim to the jury. He can examine witnesses, and he can introduce pieces of physical evidence – including documents and images (and sometimes models). When posing questions to a witness on the stand, it might seem logical to cut straight to the heart of the matter, and open with questions that directly address the substance of your claim. However, this strategy is not as effective as it might initially appear. Without laying a foundation of preliminary questions, the important question that your attorney needs to ask will not have the same impact.

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