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What are NJ's Laws Regarding Car Baby Seats?

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Wed, Nov 14, 2018

By Francis M. Smith

Today’s automobiles are designed with a truly impressive array of features meant to protect passengers in the event of a collision, sudden stop, or other dangerous event. However, these safety features are overwhelmingly designed with adults in mind. This is understandable, since not all cars will carry child passengers, and a child’s safety restraint needs change as they grow. But just as adults are legally required to wear a seat belt, New Jersey law requires that children be secured in appropriate safety restraints when riding in a car. In 2015 the New Jersey legislature passed an updated standard for required child safety car seats, to ensure that child passengers remain as safe as possible. As these requirements are rather detailed, I wanted to break them down here to help parents trying to make sure that their vehicles are equipped to keep their children safe.

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Children and Car Accidents

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Fri, Apr 01, 2016

By Francis M. Smith

For the average American, and especially in New Jersey, cars are a ubiquitous and essential fact of life – and this is true nearly as much for children as it is for adults. Though they are not yet old enough to drive, children are regularly passengers in motor vehicles when traveling to and from school, activities, friends' homes, to visit relatives, or to accompany their parents on errands. Unfortunately, since automobiles play such a large role in children's lives, they also pose one of the most significant risks to young people. No one likes to think about children and car accidents, but motor vehicle accidents are the primary cause of death and acquired disability for young people aged 2 to 14. According to data regarding children and car accidents provided by the National Center for Statistics and Analysis (NCSA), nearly a quarter million children suffer injuries in automotive collisions each year. This is a chilling figure for any parent to hear, especially since so many of these accidents are preventable.

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New NJ Child Car Seats Law

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Wed, Nov 04, 2015

  By Francis M. Smith

Almost everyone nowadays understands the importance of wearing seat belts in a car for trips of any length, thanks to decades of awareness-raising campaigns. However, the standard seat belts in most vehicles are designed with adult passengers in mind. Young children, being much smaller and lighter than most adults, require additional equipment in order to ride safely in passenger vehicles. Until recently, the laws governing the use of car seats and booster seats for children were unhelpfully vague; it's one thing to say that a baby must ride in a rear-facing child car seat, but what determines when the child should switch to a front-facing seat? In May of this year, a law was passed clarifying New Jersey's regulations involving child safety seats. The law went into effect on September 1st, so it's important for all parents and guardians of young children to become familiar with the requirements of the new law in order to keep their children as safe as possible in the car.

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