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The "Right" Medical Treatment Increases the Settlement Value of an Injury Claim

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Wed, Feb 10, 2016

  By Francis M. Smith

When an insurance adjuster sets out to calculate the compensation you deserve when you've made a personal injury claim, determining the total cost of the medical treatment you received for your injuries (referred to in legal terms as the “medical special damages”) is an important first step. Not only is this figure likely to make up a large portion of the financial damages in your claim, but it is also the basis from which the value of your pain and suffering damages is derived. In many cases, figuring out the cost of your medical treatment is as simple as totaling up your medical bills – but not all medical treatment is equal in the eyes of an insurance company, and some types of care will be taken more seriously, and thus valued more highly when it comes time to decide on a damages multiplier for your pain and suffering, than others.

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