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Insurance Tactics to Reduce Claims for Pedestrian and Bicycle Accident Cases

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Mon, Oct 15, 2018

By Francis M. Smith

Insurance companies employ highly trained professionals known as claims adjusters to handle personal injury cases caused by the negligence of their policy holders. When a pedestrian or cyclist like you is struck by a vehicle, a claims adjuster for the driver’s insurance company springs into action as soon as the accident is reported. Regardless of what the claims adjuster may say to you, he has one goal in mind, the purpose for which the insurance company hired him: to ensure that his employer has to pay you as little money as he can manage, or none at all. To that end, insurance adjusters have a large playbook of tactics at their disposal, but a few tricks are particularly common – simply because they overwhelmingly tend to work against injured claimants who lack experience in dealing with insurance companies and injury lawsuits. By learning how to recognize these deceptive tactics and knowing how to respond, you can protect yourself from being unfairly denied the opportunity to receive the fair compensation you deserve.

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What You Need to Know About Insurance Companies When Injured in a Truck Accident

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Fri, Apr 13, 2018

By Francis M. Smith

After you’ve been injured in a truck accident, a representative from the insurance provider representing the trucking company is almost certain to contact you very promptly. The insurance adjuster or investigator who speaks to you will most likely be very friendly and assure you that he wants to help get your claim resolved quickly and easily, and all he needs to make that happen is for you to answer a few questions and sign some release forms. He will probably assure you that you don’t need a lawyer, and that the process will be easier and you will save money without an attorney. However, none of this is true. An insurance adjuster’s job is to protect his employer’s financial resources from “unnecessary losses” like paying out injury claims. No matter how friendly and helpful the insurance adjuster tries to appear, he is not on your side and is not concerned with your best interests. Instead, he hopes to take advantage of the average injured claimant’s lack of experience with the injury claim process to trick accident victims into making mistakes that will hurt their cases and reduce the amount of compensation they can recover.

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How to Handle Accident Follow-up Calls from Other Driver’s Insurance Company

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Wed, Feb 14, 2018

By Francis M. Smith

After a car accident caused by another driver, you can expect that driver’s insurance company to try to make contact with you in short order. The insurance adjuster who reaches out to you will probably seem very friendly and accommodating, and talk about how he wants to get your claim straightened out for you as quickly as possible. So what should you say to the representative of the other driver’s insurance company?

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