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Falls on Stairs

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Mon, Mar 23, 2015

By Francis M. Smith

Most of us walk up and down several flights of stairs every day without giving them a second thought. Sometimes these stairs are as short as the two or three front steps into a building, and other times the stairwell spans several stories. In either case, and all those in between, we trust that the stairs have been properly built and well maintained – and most of the time, our confidence is justified. But on those occasions when it is not, serious injury can result. A fall on stairs is often worse than a similar fall on a level floor surface, for the obvious reason that if you are unable to catch yourself, your fall might continue to the bottom of the staircase or landing. In addition, the hard edges of the stairs present a series of painful obstacles to strike against during a fall. In a serious fall on stairs, broken bones, injured knees, ankles and shoulders, traumatic brain injury, spinal trauma, and neck and back injuries are among the potential injuries that an accident victim can suffer.

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