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Depositions in Personal Injury Cases

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Wed, May 24, 2017

By Francis M. Smith

The early stages of any personal injury suit are dedicated to the gathering of information by both sides. Sometimes this involves doing research, collecting documents, and consulting experts, but the primary source of information for the insurance company is going to be you, the injured plaintiff. This is true both because you are the primary eyewitness to your own accident, and because you know best the pain you feel, the losses you have suffered, and the limitations on what you can do as a result of the injury. Initially the defense lawyers will seek information from you in the form of written interrogatories (questions),but you will almost certainly also be called upon to answer questions in person in a series of depositions.

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Discovery in Personal Injury Cases - The Who, What, Where, Why and When of a Lawsuit

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Wed, Mar 01, 2017

By Francis M. Smith

After a personal injury lawsuit is filed, the initial stage in moving toward resolution (by settlement or trial) is the discovery phase. During this time, the two opposing parties in the case exchange relevant information and conduct research into all aspects of the events in question and the people involved. The information obtained during discovery will be used by each side to build their arguments, which will be presented at a later stage of the injury case process.

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