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Falls in Construction Sites

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Mon, Apr 27, 2015

By Francis M. Smith

Construction sites can be, by their very nature, hazardous locations. Heavy equipment, ladders and scaffolding, holes and trenches, and other features can create dangers that can only be mitigated, not entirely erased. It is the duty of the general contractor or property manager in charge of a construction site to maintain it in as safe a condition as possible, but sometimes corners are cut or errors are made, resulting in accidents. Every year, more than 68,000 injury claims result from slip and fall accidents on or around construction sites – and of these, over 100 represent fatal accidents. Often the victims of these falls at construction sites are workers employed by one of the companies (sub-contractors) operating on the job site, but passers-by or other people are also at risk of falling accidents in these areas.

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Use of Life Expectancy Tables in Personal Injury Cases

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Wed, Jun 11, 2014

By Francis M. Smith

Some personal injury cases are straightforward: another car crashes into yours and your leg is broken, requiring immediate treatment and several months of physical therapy in order to enable you to recover fully and resume your customary activities. But sometimes the injuries suffered by an accident victim are of a severity or a nature that he or she is left with a permanent disability, a lifelong condition, or an increased risk of future health problems. Joint damage may render a patient more likely to develop arthritis later in life and at an earlier age, and head trauma can leave a victim more vulnerable to sustaining serious damage from subsequent head injuries. So how are these permanent injuries and increased risks adjudicated when it's time to work out how much you deserve in fair compensation for your injuries?

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Construction Site Accidents and Serious Injury Cases

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Wed, May 29, 2013

By Francis M. Smith
Construction sites are fraught with hazards that many people never think about. While it is not uncommon for workers to be injured at a work site, pedestrians and non-workers may also be injured. Inevitably, these accidents can result in very serious injuries.

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Direct and Circumstantial Evidence in Negligence Cases

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Wed, Apr 10, 2013

By Francis M. Smith
As is the case in any personal injury lawsuit, it is the task of the plaintiff in negligence cases to demonstrate for the court (and jury) that the defendant is at fault for the injury and thus liable for damages resulting from it. Negligence cases assert that the defendant failed to act in a way that would have prevented the injury, despite knowing of foreseeable danger to the plaintiff (you) - or having ample opportunity to discover the situation that created the danger and take the appropriate action. Typically, two possible types of evidence may be presented in order to prove this claim direct evidence and circumstantial evidence. It is possible to use either type of evidence alone, or a combination of both, to support your argument in negligence cases.

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NJ Premises Liability Expanded with Recent Wal-Mart Case

Posted by Jean Steckler on Fri, Feb 08, 2013

By Francis M. Smith
Those who have been injured in a slip and fall accident know how uncertain it can make life, especially if it occurred on the property of another.  Slip and fall (or trip and fall) in a home you own, and you likely have no one to blame but yourself (or perhaps something a child or pet left lying around!).  Injure yourself on the property of another, however, and the issue of who is at fault may become very significant, impacting the outcome of such issues as responsibility for medical expenses, loss of income and other damages.  The involved property owner may claim that the accident didn’t even occur, that you (or your family member) really didn’t suffer any injury or even that you were at fault for the accident happening in the first place. 

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The Legal Clean Up Post Hurricane Sandy from Motor Vehicle Accidents

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Mon, Dec 10, 2012

By Francis M. Smith
A week without electricity, cable, internet, phone, and gasoline post Hurricane Sandy was a somber experience. It was surreal and sad to see the immediate devastation of my picture-perfect town of Westfield in Union County, New Jersey: the downed trees and power lines; the dead traffic lights; the damaged homes; the depression-era-like system of gas rationing; my favorite diner closed; the mess in my yard. And when modern amenities were restored … it was evident many had it much worse than me.

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