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"Children and Serious Injury Cases"

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Sat, Apr 20, 2013

By Francis M. Smith
One of the worst things for a parent is watching their children suffering through the after-effects of an accident. Whether the accident occurred at a playground, in school or they were bitten by a dog, the consequences are very serious.

At the Francis M. Smith, Esq. law firm, we handle serious injury cases that others do not want to get involved in. We believe that when a child suffers any type of an injury as a result of someone else's negligence that parents suffer alongside of their child.

Smaller Bones, More Damageslide

Unfortunately, our children have much smaller bones than we do and as a result, what may seem like a minor accident can result in far greater injuries in a child. Oftentimes, we trust the care of our children to daycare providers, school bus drivers and teachers. When their negligence results in your child suffering a broken bone, head injuries or more serious injuries, you need someone who is willing to fight for them.

Types of Accidents

Children oftentimes are victims of accidents outside the home. In some cases, they may suffer burns on playground equipment, suffer brain or head injuries falling from poorly maintained playground equipment or be bitten by a dog, even when they are in their own yards. In addition, sometimes children are victims of accidents involving school buses or injuries that occur at a daycare facility.

Parents should not have to battle with insurance companies to get help when their child is injured. Not only are you entitled to collect remuneration for your child's injuries to make sure they are cared for, you also should be fighting to ensure that the mistake that caused the accident in the first place is never allowed to happen again. As a parent, you want someone to be held responsible for a bad decision that caused pain and suffering for your child and ensure that steps are taken to ensure the behavior of the person is corrected. Contact Frank Smith if your child is injured as the result of another person's negligence. I will help you file suit, gather evidence and you will never pay a fee unless I am successful in obtaining a settlement for your child.

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