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How Do You Pay A Lawyer To Take Your Case?

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Wed, May 09, 2018

By Francis M. Smith

When you initiate the process of pursuing a truck injury claim, the insurance adjuster assigned to your case will almost certainly try to convince you not to hire a lawyer. One of the most common arguments insurance adjusters present to injured claimants against seeking legal representation is that “hiring a lawyer is expensive.” The reality is that it’s expensive for the insurance company when a claimant hires an attorney, because injured plaintiffs with a lawyer on their side tend recover substantially more money in compensation for their injuries on average than accident victims who go it alone (even after deducting attorney's fees and expenses). But this does raise a very important concern in the minds of individuals just beginning their injury compensation process: how will they pay for the legal representation they need when going up against an insurance company?

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Do You Really Need to Tell Your Lawyer Everything About Your Case?

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Fri, Apr 27, 2018

By Francis M. Smith

After an accident, the process of initiating your personal injury case can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you’ve never needed to hire a lawyer before. You may find yourself concerned about what to say, how much to share, especially if there’s anything about your case or circumstances or past that you feel may be embarrassing or damaging. If you feel tempted to hold back certain details from your attorney because you don’t want them being brought up in your case, it’s vital for you to fight that urge. Your lawyer isn’t there to judge you, but rather to help you. He can only do that effectively if he knows the whole story, and can prepare for any snags that may result from the reveal of uncomfortable or damaging facts.

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Driving Myths - Distracted Driving Risks Injuries and Lives

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Mon, Apr 23, 2018

Just Drive.

No phoning, texting, interacting with dashboard infotainment. No eating, grooming, daydreaming. Anyone who does risks serious injuries to themselves and to you. It only takes a second of distraction to cause a serious accident with pedestrian, bicycle, or motorcycle, another car or truck.

When behind the wheel, Just Drive.

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When Injured in a Truck Accident, Do You Need a Lawyer?

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Wed, Apr 18, 2018

By Francis M. Smith

When you first begin the process of seeking compensation for your injuries after a truck accident, the insurance adjuster representing the trucking company will most likely try to convince you that hiring a lawyer is unnecessary and expensive, or that your claim will be resolved more quickly and efficiently if you don’t “go to the trouble” of getting a lawyer. In reality, however, injured plaintiffs who work with an attorney receive more money on average in compensation for their injuries than accident victims who pursue their claims unrepresented, even after legal fees and costs are factored in. The insurance adjuster would much rather you go into the injury claim process unrepresented in the hope that your inexperience with the legal process and the stress of your injuries will render you overwhelmed and easier to take advantage of.

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What You Need to Know About Insurance Companies When Injured in a Truck Accident

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Fri, Apr 13, 2018

By Francis M. Smith

After you’ve been injured in a truck accident, a representative from the insurance provider representing the trucking company is almost certain to contact you very promptly. The insurance adjuster or investigator who speaks to you will most likely be very friendly and assure you that he wants to help get your claim resolved quickly and easily, and all he needs to make that happen is for you to answer a few questions and sign some release forms. He will probably assure you that you don’t need a lawyer, and that the process will be easier and you will save money without an attorney. However, none of this is true. An insurance adjuster’s job is to protect his employer’s financial resources from “unnecessary losses” like paying out injury claims. No matter how friendly and helpful the insurance adjuster tries to appear, he is not on your side and is not concerned with your best interests. Instead, he hopes to take advantage of the average injured claimant’s lack of experience with the injury claim process to trick accident victims into making mistakes that will hurt their cases and reduce the amount of compensation they can recover.

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Hit By A Truck: What Are The Damages In Your Case?

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Mon, Apr 09, 2018

By Francis M. Smith

When you pursue a truck accident case after a serious crash, you should be seeking more than simply the costs of your medical bills and the repairs to your car. The purpose of a personal injury suit is to restore you fully to your pre-accident state of being, as far as it is possible to do so. This means that any sort of harm you have suffered as a result of your accident should be compensated in some manner, even if it’s difficult to assign a dollar value to some of the ways your life has been impacted by your injuries.

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How are Truck Accident Injuries’ Medical Bills Paid?

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Fri, Mar 30, 2018

By Francis M. Smith

While the intent of pursuing an injury claim against the parties responsible for your commercial truck accident is, in part, to be compensated for the costs of the medical treatment you received for your accident injuries, rarely does the insurance company representing the other driver actually pay your medical bills directly. In fact, if the insurance adjuster offers to do so, it’s likely that he is simply trying to appease you in order to resolve your claim quickly – and for much less money than you actually deserve for your injuries. In most cases, your medical costs will need to be paid by another means initially, which will then be reimbursed out of your eventual settlement or court-ordered damages.

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Self-Driving Car Kills Pedestrian: How Safe Are They?

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Mon, Mar 26, 2018

For years, numerous automotive and technology companies have been working to revolutionize the way people get around by trying to perfect autonomous vehicle technology – in short, cars that drive themselves without the help of a human operator. Given the high safety stakes for all users of our nation’s roads, different states have taken varied approaches to requests by the developers of self-driving car technology to allow vehicle testing within their borders. California requires autonomous vehicles to adhere to a battery of safety regulations in order to be allowed on the road, while other states, like Arizona, court technology manufacturers by offering their roads with fewer restrictions. After a fatal incident earlier this month, it remains to be seen whether Arizona’s policies on autonomous vehicle testing will be reevaluated.

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Safe Drivers at Mercy of Unsafe Drivers

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Mon, Mar 19, 2018

By Francis M. Smith

Careful and responsible drivers take numerous precautions to keep themselves and their families safe on the road, from the scrupulous use of their turn signals to coming to a full stop when required by a stop sign to regular maintenance of their vehicles. Unfortunately, no matter how cautious and well-prepared a motorist tries to be, there is one variable he cannot control: the behavior of others. The safety of everyone on the road depends on the agreement of everyone who gets behind the wheel to abide by the same set of basic rules- we sometimes call them "the rules of the road". All it takes is one person deciding he is in too much of a hurry to follow those rules, to put a dangerous snarl in that carefully constructed system. In moments, the poor choices of an unsafe driver can result in a serious collision affecting not just himself, but anyone unlucky enough to be sharing the road with him.

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Medical Treatment after a Truck Accident

Posted by Francis M. Smith on Fri, Mar 16, 2018

By Francis M. Smith

After any serious automotive accident – but especially if you’ve been hurt in a crash involving a commercial truck – the very first thing you should do is seek appropriate medical treatment for your injuries. Prompt treatment will help increase your chance of a full recovery, and obtaining medical care right away provides a clear record of your injuries, which can prove essential later on if you need to pursue a personal injury claim against the trucking company responsible for your accident.

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