Personal Injury Articles for the Injured of NJ

FDA Approves New Test for Concussions

New NJ Insurance Policy Limits Disclosure Law

Road Safety for NJ Walkers and Bikers

Common Residual or Permanent Injuries

Sussex County NJ Fatal Car Crashes Increased in 2018

Head Injuries: National Youth Football Organization Changes Rules to Reduce Risk of Head Injuries

Increased Cell Phone Usage While Driving Creates Greater Accident Risks for Drivers

Driving Danger Increases When Daylight Savings TIme Springs Forward

Alarming Pedestrian Accidents and Deaths

When Insurance Companies Ignore Demand Letters

Winter Slip and Fall Hazards Continue into Spring Months in NJ

What is the Difference between Trip and Fall Accident and a Slip and Fall Accident?

Pre-litigation in Personal Injury Cases Explained

Personal Injury Torts and Defenses

Car Accidents and Collisions in NJ: Year End Review for 2018

New Jersey Reports on Injuries from Crashes from 2017

Rear-end Hit Collisions are Considered Negligence in NJ

Dangers of Slip and Falls During Freeze and Thaw Cycles

Slip and Fall Injuries when Rain is Followed by Falling Temperatures

Falling is Leading Cause of Most Nonfatal Injuries

Caution: Icy conditions cause falls, sprains, broken ankles

Severe Burn, Inhalation and Explosion Injuries

Injuries Caused by Negligent and Inadequate Security

Traffic Laws Help Determine Fault when Pedestrians are Struck by Motor Vehicles

Settlement Process and Timeline for NJ Car Accidents Injuries

Train Accidents

Dog Bites Leave Permanent Physical and Emotional Scars

Early Snow Wreaks Havoc for NJ Drivers

Reporting Deadlines for Car Accident Injury Cases in NJ

What are NJ's Laws Regarding Car Baby Seats?

Road Dangers for Bicyclists and Pedestrians

Car Racing Belongs on the Race Tracks - Not on Streets

Insurance Tactics to Reduce Claims for Pedestrian and Bicycle Accident Cases

Boating and Jet Ski Accidents

How is medical care for bicycle accidents’ and pedestrian accidents’ injuries covered?

How does the Claims Process Work in Pedestrian and Bicycle Accident Cases

Common School Injuries to Avoid and Mitigate

When a Child is Injured in a School Bus Accident in NJ

Is Marijuana Safer than Opioids for Pain Management?

Rising Pedestrians and Bicyclists Hit-and-run Crash Deaths Alarm Communities

What Do You Need to Report in the Emergency Room following a bicycle or pedestrian accident?

Bicycle Safety

Communication between Attorney and Client – the Bedrock of a Strong Case

Do Insurance Companies Require Medical Exams by Their Selected Doctors for Bicycle or Pedestrian Accidents?

Overcoming fears and apprehension when filing insurance claims for bicycle and pedestrian accidents

Young Drivers at Risk During 100 Deadliest Days

Do You Need to File an Accident Report when Injured in a Bicycle or Pedestrian Accident?

How Do You Pay A Lawyer To Take Your Case?

Do You Really Need to Tell Your Lawyer Everything About Your Case?

Driving Myths - Distracted Driving Risks Injuries and Lives

When Injured in a Truck Accident, Do You Need a Lawyer?

What You Need to Know About Insurance Companies When Injured in a Truck Accident

Hit By A Truck: What Are The Damages In Your Case?

How are Truck Accident Injuries’ Medical Bills Paid?

Self-Driving Car Kills Pedestrian: How Safe Are They?

Safe Drivers at Mercy of Unsafe Drivers

Medical Treatment after a Truck Accident

What legalization of marijuana in NJ might do to car accident rates

Using Uber or Lyft? Do you know who pays for the riders’ injuries in car accidents?

What Causes Semi Truck Accidents?

Understanding Federal Trucking Safety Regulations

When Injured in a Semi Truck Accident in NJ, Who is at Fault?

How to Handle Accident Follow-up Calls from Other Driver’s Insurance Company

Tips on Calling Your Insurer after an Accident with a Truck

How Insurance Companies Value Truck Accident Claims

5 Most Common Misconceptions About Motorcycle Insurance

What is Umbrella (or "Excess" ) Insurance? Is Umbrella Insurance Right for Me?

How does a personal injury attorney prepare to win a semi truck accident suit?

Alarming Semi Truck Accident Statistics

What Kind of Evidence Needs to be Preserved in Truck Accidents?

How Are Semi Truck Accidents Different from Car Accidents?

Winter Woes…Parking Lot Slip and Fall: Victim Gets $290,000 Settlement

Carfax Reports on Auto Accident Car Repairs: Loss of Car Value

Motorcycle Insurance FAQs

Motorcycle Accidents Most Common Causes

Supplemental Underinsured Motorist Coverage for Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists' Special Insurance Needs: Read This Before Riding

Can a Smartphone, Sports Band, or Smart Watch Impact Your Personal Injury Case?

How Will Self-Driving Cars Be Regulated

Motorcycle Accidents: Let Your Lawyer Be Your Guide

NJ Motorcycle Laws

SELF DRIVE Act faces Senate Vote to Approve Autonomous Vehicles' Higher Safety Standards

Does Your Motorcycle Have Adequate Insurance Coverage?

Does SnapChat Encourage Speeding by enabling Users to “Snap” their speed to friends

10 Tips to Maximize Your Recovery from a Motorcycle Accident

Important Motorcycle Safety Tips

Will Roads be Safer with Self-Driving Cars?

Motorcycle Accident Injuries: Do You Have a Case?

Truck Accidents- New Technology Offers Hope - Maybe

NJ Restricts the Use of Car Interrupt Devices

Negotiations in Personal Injury Cases - What to Expect

Motorcycle Accidents: Consult an Attorney Immediately

Can Pokemon Go be Made Safer for the Road?

Warning: Used Tires May Not be Safe

Motorcycle Accidents: 10 Tips Every Motorcyclist Should Know

Taxis and Ride-Sharing -- Who is Liable for Crashes?

How You Can Help Your Lawyer Build Your Case

How Insurance Companies Fight to Avoid Taking Responsibility for Your Injuries

The Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

Liability Waivers and Gym Memberships

Getting Damages for Lost Income in Your Injury Settlement

Valuing the Nature and Extent of Your Injuries

The Argument for Strict Liability for Driverless Cars

Driverless Cars: Who is Responsible when a Driverless Car Crash with Human-Operated Car?

Can Health Insurance, Medicare or Medicaid Assert a Claim for My Settlement Funds?

Depositions in Personal Injury Cases

Discovery & Settlement in Personal Injury Cases

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month: It Is Our Number One Driving Risk

How are Personal Injury Settlements Reached?

The Settlement Offer: What Do I Need to Understand?

Will Driverless Car Legislation Come from the States or Federal Government?

Driverless Cars and Liability Alternatives

Driverless Cars: Who Will Be Responsible For a Crash? The Driver? The Manufacturer?

Discovery in Personal Injury Cases - The Who, What, Where, Why and When of a Lawsuit

Closing or Settlement Statements - Calculating Your Net Recovery in Personal Injury Case

Requests for Production in Personal Injury Cases

Requests for Admissions in Personal Injury Cases

The Defense's Answer to the Personal Injury Complaint

"Interrogatories" (a/k/a Written Questions) in Personal Injury Cases

The Complaint: the First Document Your Attorney Files in Court

What Steps are Involved in My Injury Case?

Following Doctor's Orders and Keep Your Case On Track

Fractures to Lower Leg Caused by Slip on Ice Settles for $290,000

Mediation in Personal Injury Cases

NHTSA National Crackdown - Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

Arbitration in Personal Injury Cases

Keeping Joggers, Walkers, Pedestrians Safe

Pedestrian Safety

What is a Pre-Litigation Settlement?

Why Some Injury Cases Take Time to Develop

What to Expect When You First Contact a Lawyer About Your Injury Claim

How Does Lost Income and Loss of Earning Capacity Impact My Personal Injury Case?

How Does Pain and Suffering Factor in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Loss of Consortium Claims in Personal Injury Cases

The Settlement Process for a Child's Injury Claim

Common Medical Tests Used to Diagnose the Extent of Your Injuries

Prognosis for Children Diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Favorable Resolution of Your Claim Depends on How Well We Prove Your Injuries

Resources Available to Injured Children

NHTSA: Back to School Safety Month. Walk, Bike, and Ride to School Safely!

Drowsy Drivers are a Hazard to Roads

Pokemon Go Gaming Drivers: Another Form of Dangerous Distracted Driving

Understanding Soft-tissue Injuries

How is Permanent Disability Determined?

Severe and Catastrophic Injuries

Signing a Pre-Injury Release Document on Behalf of a Child

Determining the Value of a Child's Injury Claim

Children and Dog Bites

The Wrongful Death of a Child

Can You Believe This? Textalyzer Roadside Tests To Catch People Who Text While Driving

Turn Signals Past and Present - Car Crashes Resulting from Failure to Communicate

The Legal Process for Child Injury Claims

Child Injuries: Role of Clinical Experts and Evidence

Motorcycle Crash Injuries Settled for $465,000

Snapchat's Speed Filter Contributing to Distracted Driving and Devastating Car Accident

NJ Spinal Cord Injuries

NJ Speed Deaths on Routes 80 and 287 Increase with 10 mph Speed Limit

Child Brain Injuries: Insurers' Efforts to Identify Pre-existing Conditions

Children and the Law: Proving a Child's Traumatic Brain Injury and Brain Function Impairment (TBI)

NJ Personal Injury Attorney Gives Back to the Community

Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms in Children

Can Children Have Traumatic Brain Injury and Not Lose Consciousness?

What Parents Need to Know About Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Will My Injured Child have to go to Court?

Mother of Brain Injured Son Wins Wrongful Death Settlement from Largest Youth Football League

Dealing With the Insurance Company

Can a Government Agency be Sued for Injuries to a Child?

Who is Responsible and Liable for My Child's Injuries?

What Does the Doctrine of Parental Immunity Mean?

Can the Insurance Company Claim Parental Negligence to Avoid Paying for My Child's Injuries?

When are Children held Negligent in Injury Cases?

Do we Have a Claim for our Child's Injury?

Protecting Children from Tragic Drowning Accidents

When Dogs Bite Children

Children and Bicycle Accidents

Children and Car Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents Involving Children

How Payments from Your Own Medical Insurance or Workers Compensation Affect Your Settlement

Emotional Distress Damages in a Personal Injury Case

Tragic death of 34 Year Old Single Mother and Model Katie May - Who is Accountable?

What is Tort Law? What's a Tort Lawyer?

Compensation for Pain and Suffering: The Importance Of Receiving Appropriate Treatment

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit When Your Demands Go Unanswered

Who is Responsible for Your Injury?

Will You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Will Driverless Cars Reduce Car Collisions and Serious Injuries?

Negotiating a Final Settlement With the Insurance Adjuster

Writing Your Personal Injury Demand Letter

Tips for Getting the Best Injury Claim Settlement

The Value of Your Injury Claim vs. Available Insurance

Shared Blame: Comparative and Contributory Fault for a Personal Injury

Attorney Dispute With Independent Medical Exam Report

The "Right" Medical Treatment Increases the Settlement Value of an Injury Claim

NJ's Most Dangerous Roads

Damage Caps and Other Limits on (non-economic) Personal Injury Compensation

Does the Insurance Company Use a Formula for Compensation?

Calculate Your Personal Injury Settlement

Factors that Affect the Value of Your Personal Injury Settlement

Factors Affecting Your Pain and Suffering Claim

How Does The Insurance Company Determine Pain and Suffering Damages?

How Long-Term Injuries Affect the Value of Your Claim

How a Negotiated Personal Injury Settlement Works

NJ Personal Injury Attorney Explains NJ Shared Fault Laws

Caution When Posting to Facebook When Pursuing an Accident Case

Dangerous Trucks

Another Harsh Winter Anticipated

NJ Truck Crash Kills 3, Hospitalizes 15, and Kills Several Cows

Holiday Travel Road/Driving Safety Tips

When is a dog's owner liable for dog bite injuries?

Should Commercial Truck Drivers Work Longer Before Taking Mandated Breaks?

U.S. Open Slip and Fall in Locker Room Results in Lawsuit

Parents Not Held Liable for Accidents & Injuries that Occur in Customary Child Care

When Family Members Witness Serious Injuries to a Loved One

10 Tips to Maximize Your Recovery

TOP 5 REASONS Why Motorcycle Accident Victims Should Quickly Hire a Lawyer

Every Motorcycle Rider is at Risk

When a Child is Injured Consult an Attorney Immediately

Your Child is Injured - Do You Have a Case

New NJ DriversTaught and Tested on the Dangers of Aggressive Driving

New NJ Child Car Seats Law

Children Twice as Likely to Be Hit by Cars on Halloween

Arrange Rides Home from Halloween Festivities Before Parties Start

Jessica's Law: Jail and Stiff Fines for Road Rage Accidents Resulting in Serious Injuries

When Fall Sports Injuries Occur

Does Your Gym Require You to Sign a Waiver of Liability?

Who is Liable When Someone Falls on a Condominium Sidewalk?

Auto Accident Personal Injury Client Recommends Francis M. Smith, Esq.

Let Your Lawyer Guide You

Your Lawyer Doesn't Get Paid Unless You Do

Let Your Lawyer Be Your Guide

Proper Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Protect Your Child's Recovery

Motorcycle Laws in NJ

Dealing With the Loss of a Child

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Accident Attorneys Know How to Navigate the Legal Process

Devastating Accidents

Accident Case Standards

How Does an Attorney Get Paid in a Personal Injury Case? The Contingent Fee Explained

Settling Your Child's Case: What is a "Friendly Judgment Hearing?"

Important Steps to Help Your Child's Injury Case

11 TIPS to Make Sure You Get Fair Compensation After Your Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident: Do You Have a Case

11 Tips for Motorcycle Riders

Kids are at Risk for Accidents

Accidents Dos and Don'ts

When Bad Things Happen to Good Kids

Falls from Loading Docks

Falls Resulting from Inadequate Lighting - Indoors and Outdoors

Negligent Security: Preventable Criminal Attacks

Common Defenses To A Slip and Fall Injury Accident

The Three Ingredients to a Slip and Fall - Injury: Shoes, Floor and Person

Slips and Falls Caused by How the Store Does Business? The Wollerman Rule and the Mode of Operation Explained

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Slip and Fall Injury Cases

When to Hire an Experienced NJ Slip & Fall Lawyer

When Negligent Security Harms

NJ Personal Injury Attorney Praises Mothers

Slip & Falls on NJ Residential, Commercial & Government Property.

Navigating Fault: Why Are Slip & Falls Hard to Prove, Who Is to Blame, & What to Do When You Fall

Expectations with a Slip and Fall Accident Case

Falls in Amusement Parks

Falls in Construction Sites

Falls in Parks and Playgrounds

What Insurers Don't Want Juries to Know

After an Accident, How to Handle Your Insurance Company

How Can a Trial Attorney Help My Personal Injury Case?

Falls in Homes and Private Residences

Falls in Stores and Shopping Malls

Falls on Public or Government Property

Hidden or Obvious Defects (Latent Defect or Patent Defect)

Work Place Falls

The 6 Most Important NJ Car Insurance Coverages

NJ Personal Injury Attorney Warns: Motorcycle Accidents

NJ Personal Injury Attorney Warning: Second Impact Syndrome and Traumatic Brain Injury

Falls Caused by Excessive Weather Conditions - Ice and Snow

Falls on Escalators & Elevators

Falls on Stairs

Indoor Floors

Falls from Flooring Conditions

Elevated Falls

Ladder Falls

Fall Accidents from Vehicles and Equipment

What is an Auto Insurance Threshold in NJ? And why you better know!

Liens and Personal Injury Settlements

What is Comparative Fault in a Slip and Fall Case?

Injuries Resulting from Slip and Falls or Tripping

Premises Liability Categorization of People

Liability for Dangerous Premises in New Jersey

Slip and Fall Accidents Resulting from Unsafe Floors and Conditions

Personal Injury Attorney Urges Drivers to Avoid Winter Driving Hazards

How to Know When Herniated Discs are Caused by Acute Recent Trauma

How Can I Tell if I Have a Concussion?

What are Answers to Interrogatories

Can a Lawyer Tell Me How Much My Injury Case is Worth?

What is the Federal Tort Claims Act?

What is Comparative Negligence?

What is the Notice to Produce Documents?

What are Demands for Admissions?

What is the Collateral Source Doctrine

What is Title 59 in NJ?

What is Court Mandated Arbitration?

Why Retain a Personal Injury Lawyer after a Serious NJ Car Crash?

Your Case is Coming Up For Trial-Should You Mediate?

What is Mediation? NJ Personal Injury Attorney Smith Explains

What is a Process Server? NJ Personal Injury Attorney Explains

What is Preponderance of Evidence? NJ Personal Injury Attorney Smith Explains

What is a Certification of Permanent Injury?

What is Causation in a Car Accident Injury Case?

What is Causation in a Slip and Fall Injury Case?

What Happens After Deposition in a Motor Vehicle Accident Case in NJ

What Happens After Deposition in a Slip and Fall Accident Case in NJ

What are Affirmative Defenses in a NJ Personal Injury Case?

What to Expect When Working with a Personal Injury Attorney

The Insurance Adjuster's Settlement Offer Process

Six Reasons for Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Bicycle Accident Road Deaths Exceed Airline Deaths

Three basic elements that affect personal injury cases

7 Types of Damages in Personal Injury Cases

Multiple Concussions Bench UConn Star Athlete Casey Cochran

What Is Future Loss of Earnings?

Fear of Addiction Can Keep Injury Victims Suffering Back Pain from Receiving Needed Relief

Gay Slurs Have No Place in Personal Injury Cases

Avoid Car Crashes. Don't Answer the Cell Phone When Driving.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Therapy and Surgery to Treat Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

Facet Joint Therapies to Treat Car Accident Injuries

PCL and ACL Knee Surgery to Treat Car Accident Injury

When Suing a Public Entity for Injuries under Title 59 Restrictions

Cervical Fusion Surgery to Treat Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

NJ Personal Injury Attorney Francis M. Smith: Looking Forward

Tracy Morgan Files NJ Lawsuit for Injuries from Truck Accident

Frank Smith Car Accident $1,975,000 Recovery Featured by NJ Jury Verdict Review & Analysis

Accidents Cause Injuries: Torn Ligaments of the Shoulder

Accidents Cause Injuries: Torn Ligaments of the Knee

Suing the Federal Government - the Federal Tort Claims Act and Why You Need an Attorney

Accidents Cause Injuries: Replacement Disc Surgery Injuries

Accidents Cause Injuries: Spinal Fusion Surgery

Accidents Cause Injuries: Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Dislocated Shoulder Injuries from Traumatic Car Accidents

Traumatic Car Accident Injuries That Result in Elbow Dislocation

Slip and Falls That Result in Dislocated Shoulder Injuries

Slip and Falls That Result in Elbow Dislocation

Accidents Cause Injuries: ORIF Treatment for Fractures

NJ Personal Injury Attorney Explains Life Care Plans

Can My Doctor Prepare the Expert Report for My Serious Injury?

NJ Personal Injury Attorney Francis M. Smith Embraces Summer

Use of Life Expectancy Tables in Personal Injury Cases

Dog Owner and Landlord Liability for Dog Bites in NJ

What is a Structured Settlement in a Personal Injury Case?

Did You Know? Some Bicycle Accident Injuries are Covered by Your Car Insurance in NJ

What Is the Time Limit for Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in NJ?

Who Pays for Car Accident Legal Fees?

Why Contact a Lawyer Soon After a Car Accident?

First-time Offenders Responsible for Most Drunk Driving Accidents

NJ's Drivers Survey Exposes Distracted Drivers' Activities

Motorcycle Accidents Addressed in National Motorcycle Safety Month

Was Your Car Accident One of 1.4 Million Caused by a NJ Distracted Driver?

Client Perspectives of her Personal Injury Case

NJ Accident Lawyer Warns of High Risk of Texting While Driving

NJ Spinal Injury Attorney Discusses Car Accident's Impact on Lower Back

Why Your Insurance Company Won't Pay: A Common Problem After a Motor Vehicle Accident

NJ Personal Injury Attorney Supports The Center for Hope Hospice

Francis M. Smith, Esq. Urges Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Improvements

Teenage Car Accident Victims Frequently Suffer from Brain Injuries

Spine Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Head Injuries in Young Adults May Trigger Violent Behavior

NJ Slip and Fall Attorney Discusses Life Changing Injuries

Car Insurers Strategy to Increase Profits: Blame Victims with Soft-Tissue Injuries

April 2014 Declared Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Cars and Bicycle Accidents and the 3 Feet Please Movement

Traumatic Brain Injury May Cause Problems in Adolescent Development

NHTSA: Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving (Impaired Driving)

Settlement Offer: Can I Make a Lifeline Call?

Brain Injuries: When Auto Accident Symptoms Do Not Improve

"Complete Streets" Policy to Provide Safe Routes for Bikers and Pedestrians

Slip and Fall Danger Lingers when Snow Melts and Refreezes Overnight

Yet Another Pedestrian Killed in Westfield NJ Car Accident

Road Hazards When Roads Thaw (and re-freeze and thaw again!)

Criteria for Selecting a Personal Injury Lawyer

Brain Awareness Week Supports Research on Brain Injury and Illness

Recommendation from Client Seriously Injured by Dog Attack

NJ Car Accident Victim Recommends Francis M. Smith, Esq.

Beware Car Accidents with Drowsy Drivers During Daylight Savings

Drunk Driving Car Accident Warnings for St. Patrick's Day

NJ Poll Reveals Worsening Commute, Top Concerns for AAA

The 6 Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Bike-car accident? Don’t assume you’re fine.

More Traumatic Brain Injuries Reported from Winter Sports

Does My Car's Value Diminish After Car Accident Repairs?

Brain Injuries: Can the Damage Be Reversed?

How We Came to Respect Juries in Personal Injury Cases

Do Bike and Sports Helmets Really Protect Against Head Injuries?

NJ Personal Injury Attorney Remembers Our Country’s Heroes

Hidden Dangers for Car Accident Victims During Ice, Snow and Freezing Rain

4 Tips to Prevent Dog Bites That Lead to Lawsuit

Detection and Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck: Use Your Personal Injury Attorney to Your Advantage

What To Expect in a NJ Car Accident Deposition

Car Accidents: How Are My Medical Bills Paid

Independent Medical Exams - Delay, Deny, or Defend Injury Claims

2014 New Year’s Resolution: Review Your Car Insurance Needs

Who Was The First American?

American Society of Legal Advocates Acknowledges Francis M. Smith

NJ Car Accident Attorney Educates Drivers on Auto Insurance

NJ Personal Injury Lawyer Warns of Insurance Adjusters Top 6 Tricks

How To Find a Personal Injury Lawyer: Ask Questions and Get Answers

NJ Personal Injury Lawyer Explains: Hypothetical questions

NJ Personal Injury Lawyer Explains: "Leading Questions"

NJ Personal Injury Lawyer Explains Courtroom Sign: "Courtroom Closed"

NJ Personal Injury Lawyer Cross-Examination Tips and Strategies

Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a NJ Personal Injury Attorney

Trial Strategy: Laying a Foundation When Asking a Witness Questions

Holiday Traditions of NJ Personal Injury Attorney Frank Smith

Defense Lawyer Makes Fun of Your Settlement Demand...Sort Of

Which Witnesses Will Go First at a Personal Injury Trial?

Purpose of Your Lawyer Consult: NJ Accident Lawyer Explains

It's Not You, It's Them: NJ Personal Injury Lawyer Explains

"Why Are You Arguing With Me? I'm Trying To Help You"

How One Little White Lie at Trial Can Destroy Your Car Accident Case

NJ Car Accidents: Speed, Time & Distance and Why They're Important

NJ Car Accidents: How Did The Lawyer Get Your Name?

Car Accident Victims: Why Negotiating On Your Own Is Never Good

Featured Charity: Furniture Assist

Warning: Car Accidents & Quick Settlement Offers

NJ Employers Cannot Request Employee Facebook Logins

Slip and Fall Accidents: What You Need To Know About Personal Injury

Tips on When You Need an Attorney When Injured in a NJ Car Accident

Google Glass Draws Violation for Wearing While Driving

How to Respond to a Car Insurance Adjuster's Unsolicited Check

Veterans Day 2013: In Humble Observation of Veterans Day

Keep a Car Accident Checklist with Your Proof of Car Insurance

How to Handle a Hit-and-Run Accident

The Personal Injury Lawsuit: How "Discovery" is Done

Medical Errors Now the Third Leading Cause of Death

NJ Personal Injury Attorney's Safe Driving Tips: Mind, Body, Vehicle

Waitress Burned from Flambéed Pig Denied Personal Injury Damages

How to Check Tires and Brakes to Avoid Car Crashes

Did You Know Fatigue Causes More Daytime Car Crashes Than at Night?

Warning: 90% of Driver Reaction Time Depends on Visual Acuity

Day Dreaming Causes 50% of Car Crashes

Warning: When Insurance Adjusters Ask for Medical Information

Offenders Clear Their Records with New NJ ‘Conditional Dismissal’ Law

NJ High School Football Player Death $2.8 Million Lawsuit Settlement

1.3 Million Yearly Children’s Sports Injuries End in Emergency Rooms

Avoiding Injuries to Our Children: Getting To and From School Safely

NJ Enacts Stiffer Texting Penalties to Reduce Car Accidents

Avoid Motor Vehicle Injuries to Children: Child Passenger Safety Week

NJ Driver Alert: You Can be Sued for Sending a Text to a NJ Driver!

Facebook Private Posts Not Evidence, NJ Court Rules

Brain Injury Claims Resolved by NFL with $765 Million Fund

What You Need to Know About Concussion Injury Law in NJ

How Private is Your Personal Email?

NJ Warns: Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

Who Really Benefits from the Insurance Company Medical Exam? Hint: It’s Not You!

Should a 12-year-old Conviction Impact Your Personal Injury Case?

Insurance Doctor Caught Lying in Medical-Legal Consultation

Insurance Company & Defense Medical Exams: Anything But “Independent”

NJ Court Rules: No Warrant, No Cell Phone Tracking

Warning: Do Not Fall Victim to U.S. Court Computer Virus Demanding Money

Court Rules: Therapy Dogs Allowed to Comfort Witness When Testifying

Can Opposing Attorneys Facebook Friend You in NJ Personal Injury Cases?

Playground Safety Tips to Avoid Child Accidents and Injuries

Keeping Children Safe on Stairs Tips by NJ Personal Injury Attorney

Button-Size Battery Danger Warns NJ Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Cases Cannot Use Social Security Administration Disability as Evidence

Child Injury Prevention Alliance Wants Stories Childhood Injuries

Personal Injury: Determining When a "Dangerous Condition" Exists

NJ Raises Penalty for Distracted Driving: Texting, Phoning

NJ Court Dismisses Chiropractic Chronic Pain Treatment Reimbursement

NJ’s New Personal Injury Protection Regulations Manage Medical Access to Reduce Auto Insurance Costs and Boost Profitability

Top Three Requirements for Proving Fault in Premises Liability Cases

Enter our July 4th Holiday Photo Contest

When does it make sense to settle a personal injury case?

Be Safe this July 4th Holiday: Tips for Avoiding Injury

Overexertion Third Leading Cause of Unintentional Injuries

NJ Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Ladder Accidents

How Grocery Stores Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents

Who is accountable when hurt on a sidewalk?

NJ Assembly Passes Social Media Privacy Bill

Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls from NJ Personal Injury Attorney

NJ Personal Injury Lawyer Tips on Preventing Trips and Falls at Home

Serious Injury Cases: What Is A Herniated Disc?

Slip and Fall Injury Cases: Grocery Stores

Construction Site Accidents and Serious Injury Cases

Beware of Forced Arbitration Clauses in Nursing Home Agreements

Top 3 Reasons Personal Injury Attorneys Represent Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Cases

Collect for Debilitating Injuries in Slip and Fall Injury Cases

Court Rules: Facebook Posts are Evidence

When Your Insurer Won't Pay in Serious Injury Cases

Serious Injury Cases: Traumatic Brain Injury

What to do for Slip and Fall Injury Cases

Measure of Proof in Slip and Fall Injury Cases

NJ Personal Injury Attorney Supports Community Efforts

Motorcycles and Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Cases

Consumers and Employees: Beware of Forced Arbitration Contracts

Tracking Information in Serious Injury Cases

Serious Injuries: Protecting Your Children from Attractive Nuisance

May Is National Bike Month! Avoid Bicycle Injuries.

10 Biggest Distracted Driving Dangers

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month!

What to Do After a Motor Vehicle Accident and Before Your Injury Case

Many Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Cases Require an Attorney

Children and Serious Injury Cases

Don't Let Tweets or Facebook Posts Hurt Your Injury Case

Do you have a Slip and Fall Injury Case?

Drunk Drivers and Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Cases

Direct and Circumstantial Evidence in Negligence Cases

Slip and Fall Injury Cases Are a Serious Matter

Motorcycle Accidents Are More Deadly than Other Motor Vehicles

Attorney Francis M. Smith Named To Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum

Get the Proper Care After a Car Accident

What You Can Expect at a Personal Injury Trial

How to Help Your Injury Lawsuit

Driver & Pedestrian Distraction Leading Cause of Pedestrian Accidents

NJ Town Passes 'Dangerous Dog' Ordinance

NJ Dog Bite Lawyer on Most Important Steps to Avoid Dog Bite Injuries

NJ Premises Liability Expanded with Recent Wal-Mart Case

Our Pick of Northern NJ’s Treasures

NJ Star-Ledger Reports on $500k Dog Bite Settlement

When to Seek Medical Care for a NJ Dog Bite Injury ...and Why

New Rulings on NJ Dog Bite Liability Favors Injured Pet Sitters

Attorney Frank Smith Settles NJ Wrongful Death Case for $2 Million

Frank Smith Dog Bite Settlement Featured among “Cases of Note”

The Dog Bite Survival Guide: New Jersey Dog Bite Liability

What to Do if You Are Injured in a NJ Car Crash

Brain Injured Helped by NJ Personal Injury Attorney Frank Smith

Seriously Injured Recommends NJ Personal Injury Attorney Frank Smith

Stair-Injured Client Praises NJ Personal Injury Lawyer Frank Smith

Shoulder Injured Recommends NJ Personal Injury Attorney Frank Smith

Frank Smith Settles NJ Bus Collision Accident Personal Injury Case

Brain Injured Client Endorses NJ Personal Injury Attorney Frank Smith

Frank Smtih, NJ Personal Injury Lawyer Counts Blessings and Shares

NJ Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Your Rights in Plain English

Multiple Injured Client Endorses Ankle Injury Lawyer Frank Smith

Auto Insurance - Never Lie on Your NJ Car Insurance Application

Injured on Stairs Recommends NJ Personal Injury Attorney Frank Smith

Car Insurance – A Word About “Property Damage Liability"

The Legal Clean Up Post Hurricane Sandy from Motor Vehicle Accidents

NJ Personal Injury Attorney Frank Smith Donates to Local Food Bank

Frank Smith Recovers $405,000 for NJ Slip on Ice Injury

NJ Law Journal Reports $563,501 Settlement for Dog Bites

NJ Attorneys Remember and Honor Libya Attack Victims

NJ Car Insurance – another part you need to know about – PIP

Auto Insurance – What Do I Need? Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Auto Insurance – What Do I Need? Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Renter Accepts $1.9 Million for Back Injury from NJ Ice Slip and Fall

$800,000 for Slip and Fall Condo Association Settlement

$467,000 Settlement for NJ Chronic Pain Injury from Movie Theater

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