Dangerous Parking Lot Injuries in NJ

Recovering Compensation for Dangerous Parking Lot Injuries in New Jersey

Parking lots aren't as stable or static as we like to think of them: They degrade continually and need to be maintained in order to keep from becoming a danger. In addition, if they are improperly structured or laid out, they can create dangers that lead to a falling accident – potentially causing temporary or permanent disabilities.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a dangerous parking lot, you deserve compensation from the owner of the lot. If you're having trouble recovering it, only an experienced attorney can help.

My name is Francis M. Smith, and I'm a lawyer with over 30 years of experience in personal injury law. I can help you negotiate an efficient, fair settlement for any dangerous parking lot injuries suffered by you or your family member. Call 908-233-5800 or contact my office online for a free consultation. I represent clients who were injured in dangerous parking lots in counties that include Sussex County, Union County, Morris County and Hunterdon County.

Personal Service for Dangerous Parking Lot Injuries

Any time a person trips, slips or falls, he or she is at danger of suffering serious injuries. At The Law Office of Francis M. Smith, Esq., I personally help each client pursue and recover compensation for injuries of all kinds, including:

 The Law Requires Parking Lots To Be Kept Safe!

In any commercial premises, proper maintenance is required. If the lot becomes neglected or if safety regulations or standards aren't followed, injuries can be caused by potholes, uneven cement slabs, cracks in the pavement, improperly placed tire bumpers, dilapidated curbing, debris and even gravel.

Additionally, the law requires that owners keep their lots free of dangerous ice and snow.

If you were injured because a parking lot was kept in a dangerous condition, you should talk to a lawyer to learn about your options for compensation. Call 908-233-5800 or contact my office online to schedule a free consultation at The Law Office of Francis M. Smith, Esq., today.