Dangerous Ice and Snow in New Jersey

Recovering Compensation for Injuries From Ice and Snow Accidents in New Jersey

When winter comes around, New Jersey can get buried in ice and snow that needs to be safely shoveled away in order to keep it from posing a major health hazard to passersby. If you fell and were injured in an ice and snow accident, you may need an attorney to help you recover truly adequate compensation. If ice is not properly cleaned or treated within a reasonable time, you may be entitled to compensation for injuries caused by that negligence.

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Although people are usually able to navigate ice and snow safely, accidents do happen. Ice and snow accidents can cause serious injuries that are sometimes life-threatening. At The Law Office of Francis M. Smith, Esq. I frequently handle:

Commercial Premises vs. Residential Properties

It's important for your attorney to be able to tell the legal difference between commercial premises and residential properties – especially since many apartment complexes are multi-family residences, and are in fact run by corporations and considered to be commercial premises.

The main difference is the owners of a commercial property are expected to do more work to ensure that their properties are safe for those people who are expected to be on the property—like tenants and their guests. When injuries occur on a commercial property, therefore, usually the owner is liable, Because the company owning the property derives a profit by inviting people to be there. Call me and we can discuss this concept.

Store owners, for example, are expected to keep their sidewalks and parking lots free and clear of ice and snow. They must respond promptly to snowstorms. The owners of residential properties, on the other hand, can get actually leave their sidewalks and parking lots unshoveled after a big storm, but if a homeowner makes the situation worse by what they do, this, too, can be the basis for a finding of negligence. When it comes to the liability of an owner-occupied residence, the prevailing law is very fair: if the homeowner knew of a dangerous condition and failed to warn someone who would not know about it, or failed to rectify the condition, this can be the basis for a finding of negligence.

Commercial premises owners, however, have a much higher standard of care, which is also fair. After all, the company is making a profit from operating that commercial enterprise, and they want—actually they need—people there to do so. Consequently, the law says they should have a reasonably safe place for those people—whether it’s a store, an office building, an apartment building, a warehouse, or just about any other commercial enterprise. Call me if you think the concept affects your right to recovery.

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