Accidents in NJ Grocery Stores

Recovering Compensation for Grocery Store Slip and Fall Accidents in New Jersey

Grocery stores have very hard floors that become very slippery when they are wet. Unfortunately, they also sell a lot of liquids and even frequently spray their vegetables with water. The produce aisle in particular can be dangerous to deadly.

Even if you’re reasonably careful in a grocery store, a slip and fall accident could cause serious injuries. In order to recover an adequate and fair amount of compensation, you might need the assistance of an experienced, skilled lawyer.

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Depending on how you land, a grocery store slip and fall accident could cause life-changing and potentially life-threatening injuries. At The Law Office of Francis M. Smith, Esq., I have extensive experience handling injuries of all kinds, including:

You Are Invited to the Store To Look at the Shelves – Not the Floor

Often, owners of grocery stores try to say that slip and fall accidents are the shopper's fault because shoppers should watch where they are walking. But think about it: The store owner has created advertisements and invited shoppers to come to the store for the express purpose of looking at what's on their shelves.

For that reason, consumers have a right to expect that the floors will be relatively clear of debris and clean enough not to slip on. In fact, there is an entire body of law in New Jersey that has upheld this concept. When someone in a grocery store slips and falls down, the injuries can rarely be attributed to the plaintiff's inattentiveness.

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