Motorcycle Visibility in New Jersey

Morris County Motorcycle Crash Attorney

Motorcycles have every right to use the road that any car has. Motorcyclists have all of the same rights as drivers of cars and trucks. Unfortunately, motorcycles are less visible and are frequently hit by cars that do not see them. Drivers of cars and trucks who cause accidents due to their failure to see motorcycles should pay all the financial compensation that injured motorcyclists deserve in a legal action. I, attorney Francis M. Smith am dedicated to that goal. I am dedicated to protecting the rights of injured motorcyclists throughout Sussex County, Union County, Morris County and Hunterdon County.

"Share the road." You have probably seen signs instructing automobiles to share the road with bicycle and motorcycles. This is not only a reminder that these vehicles have the right to the road, it is a reminder to WATCH for them. Some people mistakenly believe that riders of motorcycles are assuming the risk of the dangers they face. Actually, auto drivers have a legal duty to drive carefully and avoid collisions – not just with other cars and trucks, but with motorcycles and bicycles as well .

Motorcycles are less visible because:

  • They are smaller than cars
  • They do not have all the metallic sheeting that cars do
  • They have fewer lights in dim or dark conditions
  • Car drivers are looking for other cars, and not for motorcycles

But many accidents occur due to simple carelessness of drivers. Some of the very worst accidents are head-on impact accidents. This can happen when a car turns left in front of an oncoming motorcycle. Drivers make dangerous lane changes without looking carefully and using mirrors to see into blind spots.

Morris County Motorcycle Crash Lawyer

I am an experienced attorney dedicated to my clients. When you hire me and put your trust in me, I strive to earn that trust. I work hard to promptly obtain the compensation injured motorcyclists deserves for medical bills and all other expenses related to an accident, as well as pain, suffering, limitations caused by injuries, and loss of quality of life.

I once worked for the insurance companies, and now I know how to work with them, to get the settlement you need whether you have suffered a broken bone or suffered a spinal injury. My past results speak for themselves, and your case results will always depend on the particular circumstances of your situation, including your injuries, the way the accident happened, and the law that will apply to your set of circumstances.

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