Construction Accidents in New Jersey

New Jersey Construction Site Injury Attorney

With businesses in a rush to meet deadlines and the construction craze happening throughout New Jersey, construction site accidents are occurring with alarming frequency.

Many construction accidents involve serious injury to pedestrians and passersby, as well as to construction workers. At my law firm, the Law Offices of Francis M. Smith, Esq., I provide clients with experienced representation and assistance in obtaining fair and just compensation for their injuries as quickly as possible under the circumstances. I represent people who were injured in construction accidents in counties that include Sussex County, Union County, Morris County and Hunterdon County.

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A construction accident can happen during initial construction, during a restoration project, or during a construction repair project. Some more common causes of construction accidents include the following:

  • Being struck by a falling object (debris, tools, or materials)
  • A machinery or power tool accident
  • Falling into a pit or excavation hole or trench
  • Being struck by a construction vehicle
  • Being crushed by heavy construction site equipment
  • Scaffolding accident (falling from a scaffold)
  • Ladder accident (fall from a ladder)

With over 30 years of experience handling personal injury and construction accident claims, I can provide you with the representation and personal service you demand and deserve. In addition to my extensive experience, I also have cultivated a vast network of experts and specialists I can call upon to assist in analyzing the cause of a construction accident, documenting the nature and extent of your injuries, and demonstrating the effect your injuries have had upon your life. My goal is always to get the financial damages you deserve to compensate for your pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, and other losses.

If you have been involved in a construction site accident, or were injured in a scaffolding accident, contact an experienced accident injury lawyer to schedule a free consultation to discuss your claim. I have three office locations and, if you are unable to travel, I am willing to travel to your home or hospital for your convenience.