Ankle and Knee Injuries in NJ

Ankle and Knee Injury Attorney in New Jersey

If you have slipped and fallen, injuring an ankle or knee, you need to know your rights to compensation, and you need to contact an attorney who can help you.

The owners of property have a duty to keep it reasonably safe. Every winter in this part of the country we can count on ice and snow on which people slip and fall. The legal responsibilities of owners of property can vary based on what kind of property it is – the law for a private residence is different than for a commercial land owner, for logical reasons. Stores and office buildings and under some circumstances, some residential properties must take steps to make premises safe, warn against danger, and avoid these slips and falls, or at least not make the danger worse.

Foreseeability of Hazards

The law in New Jersey states that if the danger of someone being injured is foreseeable then the property owner must warn visitors or take steps to remove the danger. If the danger is foreseeable, it is usually preventable. The law applies throughout all New Jersey counties, including Sussex County, Morris County, Hunterdon County and Union County.

Some businesses hire a snow removal company that will service the property when conditions require it. Others arrange to contact the company when the business owner believes it is necessary. When temperatures rise and fall, dangerous ice and snow can melt and then re-freeze, often in a very clear form that people can't easily see. (Many call this “black ice).

The many giant malls and smaller strip malls in New Jersey see countless thousands of shoppers. The mall owners owe these visitors the duty to take reasonable steps to prevent injury. Elderly people are at particular risk, both due to reduced agility and increased brittleness.

Innocent victims suffer twisted knees, hip fracture, back injury, herniated discs, bimalleolar and trimalleolar ankle fractures and other serious injuries. Compensation can be due for medical care, surgery, pain and suffering, lost time at work and related costs.

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