Serious Injury in New Jersey - Overview

Sussex County Personal Injury Attorney

Serious injuries can have a dramatic impact on an individual and his or her family. In virtually all instances, serious injuries lead to a loss of income and a dramatic increase in expenses, including the cost of medical treatment and rehabilitation services.

Experienced Serious Injury and Wrongful Death Attorney

I am Francis M. Smith, Esq. and I have over 30 years of experience helping families, just like yours, obtain fast, fair and just compensation for all past, current and future expenses for serious injuries relating to an accident. I work with the best medical experts in the field, as well as other specialists and professionals to determine the true extent of your injuries and the future expenses you face. I represent injured clients from counties that include Sussex County, Union County, Morris County and Hunterdon County.

I can assist you in obtaining compensation for any serious injury, including the following:

  • Amputation or Severed Limbs
  • Deafness or Loss of Hearing
  • Eye Injury or Blindness
  • Severe Burns or Scarring
  • Torn Rotator Cuff or Meniscus
  • Fractures
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Concussion
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Death

If you have been seriously hurt in an accident or lost a family member because of someone else's carelessness or negligence, please contact me for a free consultation and experienced representation. I want to help.

New Jersey Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

As a personal injury attorney, I help the victims of traumatic brain injury (TBI), obtain settlements to cover all medical bills and ensure you receive proper care for the duration of your injuries. Injuries such as TBI result in expensive hospital bills and ongoing medical treatment, often for the remainder of one’s life. My goal as a New Jersey traumatic brain injury lawyer is to help relieve the financial stress put on those with brain injury or brain damage by getting compensation for their pain and suffering.

My firm, The Law Office of Francis M. Smith, Esq., maintains offices in Westfield, Clinton, Morristown and Newton, and serves clients in Warren County, Essex County, Morris County, Sussex County, Union County, Somerset County, Hunterdon County and throughout New Jersey who have suffered traumatic brain injury as the result of an accident. Such accidents include:

Because I am an attorney experienced with representing clients with traumatic brain injuries, I am often able to recognize TBI in a client before he or she has recognized the injury themselves. Using a simple set of questions, I am able to determine whether or not it might be a good idea to consult a specialist with regard to your closed head injury. I am able to recommend clients to a number of neurologists, other medical specialists and rehabilitation facilities for whom I have respect based on past experience with other clients. Your complete physical and financial recovery is extremely important to me.

To discuss your injuries with a New Jersey traumatic brain injury lawyer, or to schedule an appointment at the hospital or in my office, contact The Law Office of Francis M. Smith, Esq., today.

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